Hooded Brothers is a short puzzle-platformer game made for Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1. Solve puzzles by controlling two characters and guiding the two characters closer together so they can combine and become stronger. When the characters aren't combined, they are weaker (they take more damage and do less damage). However, when the characters are combined they are much much stronger, they have double jump, dash, speed, health etc. Play through 10 levels and receive a 3-star rating for each level depending on how fast you complete the level and if you collect all the coins scattered throughout each level. Avoid deadly traps and dangerous enemies! Use your sword to defend yourself. Can you solve all the puzzles?


  • Left mouse button - menu interaction
  • Left arrow key - move left
  • Right arrow key - move right
  • Z - jump
  • X - attack
  • C - dash
  • Q - swap characters
  • E - use/combine



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i found a bug where if you combine and die at the same time, the game crashes

Graphics look very nice, sound also nice, but I cant play it neither in browser nor while downloaded. 

Same, sadly. Did you had trouble with game window not getting focus?

I wish I had noticed this issue before uploading :(

If you haven't been able to play it, you can try play on my website. It works on there! :D